Thursday, September 2, 2010

the Calgary Zoo

The whole point of our little vacation was to get to the Calgary Zoo to see -- what else? Dinosaurs, of course. They have an exhibit called Dinosaurs Alive which is only available until the end of October. So naturally, I've been panting about it since -- gosh. When did I first hear about it? Back in January, maybe? I dunno. It feels like I've been thinking about it forever.

We managed to get to the zoo relatively pain free (driving in Calgary makes me seize up. Like, even the thought of maybe having to go to Calgary -- even when I'm not the driver -- gives me nightmares); and the first thing we did when we got in the gates? Prehistoric Park. Oh yeah.

I like to shake it

They moved, they roared, they just looked a little stupid while doing it, like their hands had no bones in them. It was actually really humorous. Especially the T-Rex. We had to giggle at that one cuz he was so big and overwhelming, and then he started moving his head and shaking his arms. He kinda looked like he was doing the hokey pokey. "Oh! Let me finish this dance and then I'm gonna eat you!" Good times.

There's obviously more to see at the zoo, and see it we did. We were there for most of the day, actually (and we still didn't see everything). Like most zoos, all the animals were asleep or moving too much to get a picture of them or just behind the most hideous fence which kinda made trying to take a pretty picture pretty pointless. And the ones that were awake and close to the fence in good camera view were surrounded by a crowd of moms and kids gawking and pointing so you couldn't get close enough anyway.

Therefore, Prehistoric Park was my absolute favourite part (I'm so glad we did it first before we were tired, sun-stroked, and cranky), and I loved the butterfly garden and the other greenhouse areas. Aside from the butterfly garden, plants generally bore kids so it was relatively nice to hang around in the greenhouses -- and I say relatively because it was so. hot. So hot, my legs were sweating, I kid you not. At the time, I thought my jeans were going to shrink wrap to my body and I'd never be able to remove them again.

zoom kinda disappointed me on this one

who wouldn't want a little elephant chair for their yard? Why aren't they manufacturing these?

these two are great but nothing compared to the blue one that would not stop flapping its wings. Blast!

what is this and can I have one?

here's the best tiger shot I got. Unless you like headless tiger or tiger butt pictures.

zoom success!

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