Monday, September 20, 2010

Hermes' day out

I don't know what started it on Saturday, but we thought it might be fun if we opened Hermes' cage door for a while.

So I opened it and secured it with a twist tie and we waited and watched.

At first, he kinda pretended like he didn't notice anything was different. He'd jump on his food dish and reach his head just out the door and then jump away.

We thought we'd give him some encouragement, so I took his hanging mirror and hung it just outside the door.

Now his bird friend had been courageous enough to venture outside and Hermes knew it. He swung the mirror further out of the cage a couple of times before climbing out the door and around the side of the cage.

Then he went for a fly.

We might make this a weekend routine.

It's good to challenge him with new things. Besides, he needs excercise, too. 

And those are definitely the only good things to come out of this idea. There weren't any added benefits to his excercise at all. No, sir. Nothing like how he was no longer interested in angry squawking, random piercingly loud chirping at nothing in particular, or the fact that aside from some minimal chatting to himself, he slept quietly the whole rest of the weekend. Nope. None of that. It was just good to challenge him and give him some excercise. Yup. That's the extent of it.

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