Friday, October 15, 2010

bacon waffles

So I feel like I've been gone this whole week and honestly, it's like this week didn't even happen. It feels like years ago when I cooked dinner at home or was home, for that matter.

Technically, we enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving Monday, had some nice pumpkin pancakes on Tuesday, and then... Well, then I had to run to Red Deer on Wednesday and rather unexpectedly, I ended up having to stay overnight and Thursday. So technically I've only been gone two days this week. I'm such a home-body and I'm so not afraid to admit it.

Anyhoo, I have a ton of pictures and fun stuff to share (I scored some major thrift store loot in Red Deer), but I just wanted to start out with this.

Thursday morning, mom and I decided to go out for breakfast at Phil's. I like to think they're a pretty popular breakfast spot in Red Deer. We've been there several times and they've never disappointed us.

Before even cracking the menu open, I had my heart set on waffles. The one thing I still can't make at home = the perfect breakfast out. I definitely knew Phil's could deliver a good waffle. Their waffles are huge and crispy, thick and delicious.

Immediately, I spotted 'bacon waffle' and had to have it. When it arrived, I couldn't help but laugh:

This is seriously not what I was thinking when I thought 'bacon waffle.'

Someone needs to tell them that the bacon should be in bits, inside the waffle. Don't they know that people put bacon in everything these days? Oh, Phil's. Thanks for the laugh (and the delicious waffle).

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