Friday, October 8, 2010

and you thought the pumpkin fixation was bad

Before I found the mini pumpkins yesterday, I found a bin of dried decorative corn cobs. At first I thought they were kinda boring, but then I spotted some more interesting colours and naturally, I couldn't resist. Especially when I thought (at that time) I'd never find a single mini pumpkin. So I ended up with six corn cobs for not such a bad price (let's not beat around the bush. They were firstly interesting because of their price. I likes the cheap stuffs).

I got home, took eleventybillion pictures of them, and then I thought, now what?

There's one thing I failed to realize about pretty dried corn cobs. How the heck does one decorate with them?

I put the lot of them on a platter on the coffee table. Nope.
I kinda placed them around the house randomly. Extra nope.

In all this moving, I decided the tops of them were just as pretty as the bottoms and stopped to take more pictures (I have a problem, I'm aware).

As I gathered them up, I thought they looked an awful lot like a bunch of flowers.

And so my solution was to stick 'em in a vase. Instant modern corn display. No country corns around here.

I quite like it.

Not that I'm planning a big to-do for Thanksgiving, but I still wanted to spruce the place up for it, you know? This'll make the perfect centerpiece. Along with my mini pumpkins, of course.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

I heart these photos lady! I am loving that white background. It really makes the colours of the corn pop!

Haha, pop corn.