Saturday, October 16, 2010

normal life greek joke

We ran out to Save-On Foods (almost our new favourite store) early Monday morning, because plan-ahead me forgot to buy evaporated milk for my pumpkin pie and didn't realize it until the day of -- a.k.a. halfway through making the actual pie. (Sidenote: Duh. The recipe was right on the can of pumpkin. I couldn't have just glanced at it? Seriously, me. Major eyeroll in my direction.)

So the evaporated milk happened to be in the same aisle as the Oxo bouillon cubes which Idle Husband noticed almost immediately.

Oxo doesn't really translate into any comparable English word but equates to a very rude "get out of here" in Greek. Fun fact!

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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love random facts like that! i wonder if the company did that as joke...

i bet the yellow and pink parrot is pretty! i rarely find any antique or vintage parrot knick knacks, so when i do, i definitely scoop them up!