Friday, November 26, 2010

christmas cactus and football?

Did you have a great Thanksgiving? Seeing all the recipes and hoopla this last month really made me jealous for a proper Thanksgiving feast (since I've only been making small two person meals for the last few Thanksgivings). The thought of having another pumpkin pie and some stuffing totally entered my mind. I think that's one of the nice things about having Thanksgiving earlier. We can opt in for a second go if we want to!

But since Thanksgiving for Canadians is in October, our November celebration usually revolves around the Grey Cup. We'd have a party on Sunday where we'd watch movies and snack all day and not even bother with dinner. And, yes. You heard right. We never watched the game. No one really cared for football even though we still called it a Grey Cup party. So to this day, when I suggest having a Grey Cup party, I'm really suggesting we snack all day and watch movies with zero football interruptions (and one of those movies has to be boring as hell, so we can possibly have a little nap during it). I guess that explains why I'm so not in the mood to make a 'meal' this week, and I just want some little bits to snack on instead. Weird, hey?

Anyway, Edmonton is going crazy with football fever since we're hosting it this year. Are you watching the game?


Mz.Elle said...

This chickie will not be watching the game.
I like your idea of using it as an excuse to sit around eating! We need more days like that. I'm the opposite this week,making lots of big,fancy(for me) meals.
I think its because I'm planning Christmas.

There are a lot of cool events downtown,lots of good bands and such. Too bad I detest all things football. The watermelon helmet is kinda
cool though. I love those Riders fans:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Another Edmontonian blogger today -- woo hoo! Yes, I'll be watching the game from the warmth of my living room, unlike the crazy die-hards who will actually be there in the cold!

Deborah said...

hi - just thought I'd post a link to that site my house was on - you'll see what I meant when I referred to my babyish response. Embarrassing, but I'm a novice at this!?!

GALaxy said...

Mz. Elle: Oh! The watermelon was a helmet? The news was full of all sorts of frozen watermelon references, and it was starting to get a bit annoying that they wouldn't explain it.
Debra: Even though it's warmed up, it's still too cold to be standing around outside, that's for sure.