Wednesday, November 17, 2010

moving music

Look at me! Packing well ahead of schedule!

Listen to what I'm listening to after the jump!

little red/rock it

bear hands/crime pays

lykke li/get some

revolver/get around town

savage/don't cry tonight
(sorry. I'm always inexplicably drawn to songs from or sounding like they're from the 80s.)

two door cinema club/costume party


fun boy three with bananarama/'tain't what you do (it's the way that you do it)
(I finally watched Youth in Revolt and really loved the soundtrack)

If you want to download any of these songs, you can find them through The Hype Machine. It's the place I go the most to find/get/listen to new music. They kinda annoy me sometimes, though, because they can be pretty heavy on the pulsating club music and annoying club remixes of good songs. I suggest listening through Spy. There seems to be less club music actually being listened to by users than what's been posted recently.

I've also really been enjoying 8tracks. Users make their own mixes so you can find a variety of music old and new all packaged up into neat little internet mix tapes. Keep this site in mind for any upcoming Christmas parties you might be at or hosting. There are a lot of really nice Christmas music mixes and it'll save you the trouble of making it yourself.


erika said...

Good luck with the packing!!

GALaxy said...

Haha thanks! I need that. 'Packing' for me means standing around looking at stuff, then looking into my half-filled box. Repeat. Grow tired and frustrated. Put it off 'till tomorrow.

Deborah said...

I love your blog - it inspires me to want to post every day and build the sort of creative momentum that you have with your photos, music, food ideas (your food photos are worthy of publication in the big realms) and windows into daily life. Would you mind if I occasionally lift a youtube from your blog to mine? I love these music videos - and furthermore, packing early has to be the most impressive feat a human can do! Well, one of them anyway - when is the move?