Wednesday, December 29, 2010

quick meals

You know when you're moving and everything feels like a disaster and you kinda forget about normal things like washing your hair or making dinner? Yeah. Me, too. That's been the story of our week. Around 6 we'll both look at each other and go, oh yeah. Dinner. We should probably eat something. And naturally, I don't have anything out or planned, the counters in the kitchen are covered with things that probably shouldn't be in the kitchen and I have no idea where all my knives are (I seriously had a mini breakdown over knives yesterday).

And so you depend on those favourite take-out easy eat, don't need a plate meals. Like pizza or shawarma or pizza. And you know what, you start getting really tired of pizza. So at some point this week, during one of our breaks, I came across this recipe for oven hot dogs. Curious. I'd never thought or even heard of cooking hot dogs like this, but it looked like the perfect meal I could easily throw together last minute. So I put it on my mental list (cuz I can't find any pens) and when we went to get supplies for food items to help prevent scurvy, I was determined to get some hot dogs as well.

Of course, we were there around 6-ish which is the suckiest time to go to Superstore, I realized. The shelves were completely ransacked. Everything was gone including hot dog buns. They had plenty of hot dogs (naturally), but no buns. Idle Husband spotted some miniature dinner rolls and kept insisting we use them because of their tiny hot dog shpae, but I kept insisting the hot dogs would be too large for them. In the end, I succumbed and we went the mini bun route.

Idle Husband doesn't like chili or at least chili with beans in it, so I didn't even bother trying to find that ingredient. Instead, our miniature dogs comprised of Miracle Whip, relish, cheese, and onions, dipped in ketchup and mustard after cooking. And you know what? This is the most delicious way I've ever had hot dogs ever. I'm serious. I'm so fixated on this recipe now that I really want to make it again,  as written. Even if it means going through the extra trouble of making my own chili without beans to accomodate it. If the addition of chili makes it better (how much better could they get?!), I'd keep leftover chili in the freezer just for hot dog emergencies. I'm that serious about it.

Oh, and the mini buns were perfect, actually. It must be a mental thing, because we felt full after only eating the equivalent of one and a half hot dogs each. Weird how your mind works like that, right? We had leftovers that we ate for lunch today, and they reheated very well, too. I was also thinking the mini size would be super awesome and well received if you were to make them for a friend's BBQ or maybe a child's birthday party. People would marvel at how you took something so simple and mundane and made it so amazing.

Soon. Soon! I swear I'm going to set up a nice place to take pictures (which is high on my 2011 resolution list). But (big surprise) with all the packing and moving and lifting and rearranging we've been doing, I managed to throw my back out sometime between yesterday and today. So even though I'm absolutely DYING to do something so I can practice taking pictures, I really can't right now. So let me take a raincheck for a better picture and in the meantime, go and visit this blog for the recipe and make it for your next 'I haven't got a clue what to make and it's already 7 and I'm super tired' dinner night.

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