Friday, April 29, 2011

friday fixations: you tube edition

{kittens} This video made me laugh! I loved going through my own old drawings and journals. It really makes you wonder what the heck you were thinking back then!

{it's in my belly} I love the style of these little cooking clips. They're so sophisticated and easy, and I (surprisingly) love that there's nary a cake recipe in sight (so far).

{sword and sworcery ep} We were having a discussion the other day about whether today's gamers would even want to play 8-bit games due to the awesome realistic graphic capabilities available now. Well, judging by my reaction to the look, the sound, and the feel of Sword and Sworcery, I'd say yes. Totally. I watched this video once and I was instantly intrigued by it. (Why isn't this on our iPod yet?)

{tom haverfoods} Please visit tom haverfoods. It's a never-ending resource for hilarious alternative food names.

{the royal wedding} More like everyone elses' fixation! Ha! I had to smile at this cheeky take on the wedding, though. So have you watched, will you watch, or did you tivo the wedding? I was too tempted to snoop so I recorded it for fast forwarding power. Truthfully, I'm only interested in things such as her flowers, decor, and the cakes, but I don't actually care for the wedding itself (I am not a fan of big grand weddings) and I have no feelings either way towards the royal family (just meh, if you will). Ah well, I wonder how long I'll stare at it on the recorded list before I actually get down to viewing it (if ever).


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Ok, I was seriously mesmerized by the kitten video. It was both frightening and hilarious. Speaking of mesmerizing, how cool was it that she brushed the baked salt crust off the fish like she was unearthing an ancient fossil? Awesome! I've officially written down that Sword and Sworcery game to download soon too.

PS: I could really go for a bean blanket.

GALaxy said...

I'm torn about that fish cooking method. Is it awesome or a horrible waste of salt?! Gawd, my thriftyness even annoys me sometimes. Idle Husband STILL won't give in to Sword and Sworcery! Hello! I always find all the cool games!

Vixie said...

I cannot believe how awesome that kitten video is! I was the same as a child, but with butterflies. Kittens are way cooler!

GALaxy said...

Vixie: I know! I especially love when she pronounces kittens the way it's been misspelled. I think butterflies would have just as much awesome potential!

Vixie said...

Kittes! Cute! I'll try and dig out some old pictures and reminisce!