Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY project: napkin pompom/flowers

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As far as my love for useless decorative items, pompoms are right up there with tassels and stuff with birds on it. I can never get enough. 

Stack 4 large, good quality napkins together and fold them fan or accordian style and tie the middle with a large garbage bag twist-tie.

Trim the ends in any shape you want. I went triangular. Basically because it was really tough to work my scissors through all that paper.

Then my pompom looked like this and I wasn't very happy with it.

So I tediously went back and scalloped all the edges. (That's my first, not-so-hot prototype in the background.)

I was thinking about attaching it to the door with a metal 3M removeable hook (I love these and have them everywhere. Think of their purchase as an investment. You can buy the sticky parts seperately so you can always remove and reuse the hooks when ever and where ever you want). But once I managed to attach the pompom to the hook (with another twist-tie -- and thank goodness you can remove the hook part so you don't have to work on it with your hands up in the air), I really didn't like the look of just one. Too dinky, right?

So I took my prototype pompom and hung it from the top one with a bit of string.

I attached these to the door on the most blustery day, so it was really hard to get them fluffed and placed and pictured without the bottom one blowing back and forth and all the ruffles... ruffling (hence the blur), so it was also really hard for me to tell whether I liked it or not. 

The next day, I made Idle Husband drive past the front of the house so I could view them as other people view them, and I don't think I like them that much anymore. Maybe if they were bigger? One solid colour? Maybe if the damn peep hole weren't at shoulder height so I could put one large pompom right in the center of the door? Maybe I should give up peep-hole privileges and do that? Meh. I think I could do better. Therefore, I think this was a DIY idea fail.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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t. said...

I, too, am a sucker for pompoms-- I love how these turned out so sheer and full!