Monday, July 25, 2011

miniature roses

I set Hermes' cage down beside the roses, but I didn't think he was that close to them. We were eating dinner, and I could hear him making his, "Oh this is good!" chirps and I thought, "But I haven't given him anything today..." and looked over to see him hanging off the side of his cage, nibbling away. He seems fine. Don't worry.

I figured out how to add different gradient and texture layers in Photoshop, so I had a little fun with these pics.

I've always loved miniature roses. They're so pretty and delicate and this particular pot has four different colours in one. I've since planted them outside. I hope they survive the winter. (The internet tells me they should.)


erika said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for miniature roses as well :) Thanks for the pictures - they are beautiful.

Laeli said...

Sneaky creature!
I hope your pretties make it:)

GALaxy said...

Thanks, erika!

Lael: He is sneaky! I trimmed off all of their flowers yesterday just so they concentrate on roots now until fall. Fingers crossed!