Friday, August 5, 2011

friday fixations

{a handy tip for the easily distracted} Do this then get stuff done.

{cute junk} I'm not really a dog person, but I think chickapugs are the bee's knees! (Also, saying "bee's knees!" I'm bringing it back.) And I want to take a hundred photos of these super cute donuts! I might've squealed when I saw them. Cat donuts: The new macaron.

{internet access CAPTCHAs} Um this should've been installed, like, yesterday.

Source: via Idle on Pinterest
{crochet and all things knitted} This is definitely a huge obsession for me right now. I have to learn more... (also this artist is amazeballs.)

{wild rose detox} I just finished this and I'm feeling a lot better. A lot a lot. Aside from adding back some natural sugars like honey and dried fruit (and bananas!), I probably won't stray too far from this routine now. It was that great. (Also, things I used to love don't taste as delicious anymore. For example, bread tastes like cooked paste. It's kind of unnerving.)

{breakfast rules} Speaking of eating, one thing that majorly changed was my breakfasts. I became a big fan of the green smoothie and muesli. They were both really good without sweeteners (aside from fruit), so I can't wait to taste them with honey! I thought this breakfast flow chart would be kind of helpful if you felt stuck in a breakfast rut. And I used this chart to compose my green smoothie (my first was green tea, a handful of spinach, flax seed oil, wheat germ, blueberries, and an apple). Worked like a charm.

{designs in concrete} when wet! I would LOVE to have these as a patio in the backyard. And as a walkway to the garage. And steps up to the house. And on sidewalks. And on roads...

{poolga} Screen wallpapers again. Sorry to keep slapping you in the face with it, but I just stumbled on Poolga and had to share. It's a great website for amazingly artistic (and free!) iPhone, iPod, and iPad wallpapers. It'd be a pretty hard task not to find at least one design to like in their huge collection. I downloaded way too many a bunch already.


Laeli said...

That detox looks really interesting, I've been looking for one:) I love my green smoothies too,cilantro and cucumber with whatever fruit suits your fancy is a great combo!

With my luck I'd ruin my precious thing before I even got a chance to hold it hostage,eek.

We should go about imprinting designs in wet concrete. So lovely!

GALaxy said...

I found it through a friend on facebook who happened to be looking for a detox the same time I was thinking about it and everyone recommended that one. If you need more information, there's a lot of reviews about it. I really loved it!