Friday, August 26, 2011

friday fixations

{cartoon song medley} This is so adorable!

{the sims on facebook} I can't believe I've gotten hooked on this game! Idle Husband was always trying to get me to play the Sims on the computer, but it looked like the dumbest thing ever. Maybe it's because Facebook incorporates your friends or maybe it's cuz the graphics are really cute. Whatever it is, it's got me trying to make the cutest Sim house ever! It's very important to me right now.

{pretend 7-up} This is going to sound weird, but I kinda figured out how to make something vaguely tasting like 7-up (or Sprite if you insist). You may or may not like it, though. My tastes have changed. I'm weird(er) now. So what you're going to need is a lemon, sweetener, and some club soda. Pour half a glass of water, top with club soda, add half a wedge of lemon (squeezed into the drink, too), and finally (if you want) add some kind of sugar to taste (I use Splenda). It doesn't taste 100% like 7-up (more like a fizzy lemonade) but it has that same kind of flavour that I find really refreshing. At least it's something different than water and a little less artificial than pop.

{greens, teals, and purples} I'm really loving these colours and I love them when they're mixed together. Lately, I've been wearing teal and forest green in almost every combination I can come up with. They're also perfect for fall if you look for jewel tones.

{polaroid printer} Um hello! This amazing device is totally going on my Christmas wish list!

{tomatoes} Again my decision to plant a majority of cherry tomatoes has paid off! It's a really satisfying feeling to pick that first large tomato off a plant, but cherry tomatoes can't be beat when it comes to quantity. I'll be waiting around into September for the larger tomatoes to ripen, but we've been enjoying the cherry tomatoes for most of this month. They're so sweet and juicy! The quality of homegrown tomatoes just can't be compared to store-bought. They are infinitely better.

{illegal downwriting} Two grandmas after my own heart.

Source: via Idle on Pinterest

{got a girl crush magazine} Specifically the article, "Drawing Circles." Well, not really the article, the first picture of that article. Um, is that a little walkway greenhouse? Cuz I want it. Real bad.

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Mallory said...

i'm in love with that walkway greenhouse too. i mean, i'm in love with all greenhouses, but that one is especially wondrous.