Monday, August 8, 2011

how to idly clean jewelry

Grab your tarnished piece and try it on in every possible combination cuz obviously you haven't worn it in a while. (Please choose only your cheapy-fakey pieces for this method.)

Then take it off your finger, dummy. It's easier to clean that way.

Grab the toothpaste you used to brush your teeth this morning (or at least I hope you used it this morning).

Plop some on your ring.

Smear it around and really rub it in. If you have an old toothbrush, that'd be handy, too.

Depending on whether you're cleaning one piece really quick or all your pieces at once, you may or may not end up with super cool mint hands.

Rinse off the toothpaste and check it out. This is after one rubbing. You might have to go through the steps a few times to get what you want.

This is after two scrubbings. Good enough for me!

Supa clean!


Laeli said...

I just did a piece with baking soda, which interestingly enough is what I brush my teeth with.
Toothpaste seems to work better though!

Unknown said...

Wow! I've read about toothpaste being used for cleaning tarnished jewelry, but never really tried it, as I didn't quite believe it. But you've got such great pictures and documentation too!! I think I may try this. Here's the method I posted about on my blog for how I clean my tarnished sterling silver/silver-plated jewelry. :)

Tarnished jewellery? LET THEM SPARKLE

Laeli said...

You are so smart.
Thanks for the tip re:signing into blogger and commenting on blogs.
I feel like I'm in on a cool little trick. It worked swimmingly.

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Awesome! Love the ring too!

Anonymous said...

I have a ring like that too!!!

GALaxy said...

Lael: I have yet to use baking soda to clean jewelry, but I keep hearing how effective it is. I should get on that! I'm so glad that tip worked for you! Happy commenting!

The Creative Muslimah: Just remember that toothpaste is abrasive, so don't go using it on your most precious jewelry!

Lindsey: It's my spoon ring! I'm surprised I knew exactly where it was all these years! I think it's supposed to sit more to the side of the finger now that I've worn it a few days. I think its design is meant to peak out from between fingers.

Anon: Lucky! Spoon rings are really fashionable these days!

Peggy said...

I don't think your suppossed to use a toothbrush cuz it can scratch the jewelry.

GALaxy said...

Peggy: I would suggest using a soft bristle toothbrush and gently using it to move the toothpaste into small cracks and crevices (i.e. not a hard, forceful scrubbing). If you're thinking of cleaning easily scratchable, delicate jewelry, this method already isn't for you as toothpaste is an abrasive cleansing agent on its own.

Deborah said...

I know!!!! Toothpaste is the most amazing silver polish! That ring looks really nice -

Anonymous said...

This is a great trick that works! place a piece of aluminum foil in a shallow dish. Crumple it alittle, but still mostly flat. Pour on equal parts baking soda & coarse salt. Pour on enough hot water to cover your silver jewelry or silver, flatware, , trays, costume jewelry. Lay your jewelry in the mixture. It HAS to touch the foil. Swish, and you can even use another piece if foil to gently rub the jewelry do not scratch. The chemical reaction even cleans in crevices and filigree. Dry with a soft cloth.

Anonymous said...

This is what I always do and it comes out amazing I use the one with the shampoo

Stacy said...

This works so well!! Thanks for posting.