Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been working on these for a while now and I figured it's probably time to let them out into the world and stop fiddling with them a hundred times a day already!

Also I can't for the life of me choose a favourite. I couldn't even decide which individual months I liked most to make a random sampling calendar.

That being said, it doesn't prevent YOU from choosing from the calendars to make your own unique blend. If you've got a favourite, grab it. If they're all your favourite, grab them all! Each is standard U.S. letter size, perfect for printing off at home.

This year, I decided to ditch the watermark (because I really hate them). Instead, I put a license on the photos through Flickr. So remember these are for non-commercial, personal use only.

Thank you ever so much for reading and supporting le blog this past year. Your comments and loving presence really mean so much to me.

(if you find any... mistakes... let me know and I'll fix it up prompt-like. the more you stare at numbers, the more you second-guess yourself)

Outdoorsy pics from 2011 Calendar

Crafty pics from 2011 Calendar

Foodie pics from 2011 Calendar

{note} These will only be available through Flickr for a limited time.

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Laeli said...

Three? Wow Lady, you are pretty industrious. They are all so beautiful. I laughed right out loud at the pile of snow for Jan. That was some month! Let's hope this one is milder:)
The berries in the last one really appeal to me. I have this urge to hug them...they must remind me of something special. Very West COasty.