Saturday, December 31, 2011

last minute mirror garland

What you'll need:

aluminum foil

Rip off a medium or large piece of aluminum foil.

Fold in half so the shiny sides are touching, then again and again until you have a decent sized square (not too small).

Use something round to trace a circle onto the foil (or just wing it -- the circles don't have to be precise -- or do squares or triangles!).

Cut the circle out of the layers of foil (bonus! you'll be sharpening your scissors at the same time).

Pull the circles apart carefully (they have a tendency to stick together), but keep them together as matching pairs.

Lay out the circles in the order you wish to have them with the dull side up. Keep their matching circle beside them.

Roll out a length of string over the tops of one row of circles.

Smear glue on the matching circle (you don't have to go crazy to the edges) and sandwich the string between the two circles.

Continue on until you have the length of garland you want.

Cut the string (long or short depending on how you want to hang it -- tied or taped).

Hang and display the garland wherever you like (but hopefully in some sunlight -- sparkly!).

Happy New Year!

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