Thursday, December 1, 2011

november recap

Happy name day!
{idle husband's name day cake was really basic this year. a banana bread baked in round cake pans with leftover chocolate ganache from my macaron baking days. simple but crazy good}

I'm so happy with November! I have all of my gifts done and wrapped! I just need to work on cards now and I'm set for the holidays.

Pomegranates, you don't scare me anymore
{noticed the pomegranate seeds on the cake? I wish I had tried my new technique for opening those crazy things properly cuz I would have made a pomegranate cake instead. here's what worked for me. they're really yummy with chocolate}

Oh. I still have to decorate the house. That's on this weekend's agenda. Have you decorated yet?

Got my first ornament today!
{I received my first ornament in the swap. it came with a chocolate kiss}

And here's a little desktop photo for you for December. I hope you like it!


1 comment:

Laeli said...

You are a Christmas workhorse! WOW! I'm impressed and happy for you. Your life is gonna be easy peasy.

We're putting up our tree this weekend,and shopping too. I'm waiting on photos then I can mail cards and that's it for us. I feel very calm and restrained.YAY

I never would have thought poms and chocolate. I have to try that now!