Wednesday, November 30, 2011

stuff I'd like to get

I keep getting asked to provide some ideas of what I'd like for Christmas, so here are just a few things that I would be pretty darn happy to receive (in no particular order, of course):

{1} tiny budgie pendant (actually, this is in top position for a reason. I've been wanting a small signature necklace for a while now and this one is just too perfect for me); owl oven mitt (bizarre, I know, but I will never in a hundred years spend anything more than $5 on an oven mitt, so I'll never have a cute one I actually like, and I will continue to use the one I got at a thrift store that keeps burning me); rose quartz necklace or coral and turquoise earrings (anything from this jewelry designer, actually);

{2} Bridesmaids movie (I love Kristin Wiig and I've wanted to see this movie forever);  return address stamp (the calligraphy is so pretty. Where do they teach that?); pink and grey watchAphrodite USB charging station (we would both enjoy this, I think);

{3} 2012 arty tea towel calendar (I have a tiny tea towel collection already. I should show it to you); bitchface print (because I think I suffer from this affliction, too); oxo salad spinner (I've heard it's the best one and I hate my crappy cheap one that rips up all of my lettuce and barely dries any of the leaves); wreck this app (or book because I think it'd be a fun way to recharge some of my creativity or any app that's for money, actually, cuz that's another thing I will not buy for myself).

And since I just wiped out on my walk today (we're talking, like, legs out, straight back, and onto the back of my head. Thank goodness for touques or I'm sure I would have cracked my head open), I'd really love some cleats for my shoes (since no one seems to want to put any of the city's free sand on their sidewalks).

And as usual, please see my Pinterest account. Both DIY and Christmas boards have useful information.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

first, i was just curious to see what you'd picked, but i wasn't expecting to see jewelry from my site, so thank you for including me!

second, i think i need that usb charging station, too!

Laeli said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you fell! It ticks me right off that some people can't be bothered to do their part. I send love vibes to all those who do because I really appreciate it.
I swear, I become agoraphobic in the winter for exactly that reason. The risk of falling is so high.

I like the Budgie necklace! I'm trying to convince my hubs to buy me a budgie for Christmas.

GALaxy said...

Danielle: Why are you surprised? Your jewelry is fantastic! (I really had a hard time narrowing it down to two.)

Lael: I need to send one last gift and the thought of walking to the post office is really making me procrastinate (that and the fact that my neck is killing me today). The public pathways haven't been shoveled at all. Not even after the first snow. Which is why I was walking around houses to begin with (at least most people follow the 48 hour rule). I want that budgie necklace so badly, too. I'll buy it for myself if no one else does.