Thursday, November 10, 2011

remembrance day poppy hack

I am a terrible Canadian. I mean I was a terrible Canadian. I've never worn a poppy before this year.

I know.

And it's not because I'm not remembering.

I am.

I have one excuse.

I hated the poppy pin. H-A-T-E-D. There were a few years I tried to wear one. But the poppy pin would stick in my face, pull the threads out of my scarves, get stuck on my mittens (when bringing my hand up to my face, of course), and it would always fall off within two days. I could usually catch its disappearance the first time but never the second.

So this is just a quick little DIY for you Canadians out there that have a similar problem. It's not hard. I just finally (finally) got around to hacking a poppy this year.

You start with your poppy and it's dumb pin. You can get one anywhere this time of year. ANYWHERE.

You're also going to need a safety pin. Something around the medium size. Not too big and not too small.

Remove the dumb pin and work the safety pin up from the backside of the poppy, through the black centre, and down to the other side.

That's how it should look from behind. The black centre pops up a little bit, but I like that. I think it gives the poppy a little more dimension.

Now pin it on your jacket and adjust the poppy to hide the pin.

I swear that poppy's not going anywhere. It won't stick in your face and it definitely won't destroy your silk scarf.

{note} one unintended side-effect to wearing a poppy is that every. single. salvation army/army/navy/young boy you encounter in every. single. store you go into is not going to solicit you to buy a poppy. Cuz you've got one on.

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