Monday, November 28, 2011

little gift ideas

I've rounded up some of my favourite DIY advent calendars which you should probably get started on if you want to start counting down on the first of December. I've decided to do a twelve days of Christmas theme and I've come up with a more... interesting method of doling out daily surprises. I can't divulge it here though. Maybe next year!

{1 small mittens} I would also like to suggest socks. You could do iron-on numbers or cut numbers out of felt and quickly stitch or fabric glue them on. Pin to a string and you're done.

{2 hand painted pouches} I like how clean and crisp this looks. You don't even need a stencil if you've got a steady hand.

{3 advent boxes} This is a free printable (yay!). Download the numbers and glue or tape them on standard boxes (or any other package, actually). Super cute and super easy.

{4 decorative packages} Packages wrapped up in similar papers and tied to a hanger? Some people can do messy so well, can't they?

{5 advent pouches} Another free printable! Print these out onto iron-on paper, cut out the numbers and iron them on to homemade or purchased drawstring bags. I like the retro look of this one (and you'll have it for years).

{6 clothespin tree} I think this would look really cute propped up on a side table.

{bonus! paint chip boxes} I spent the last week making a ton of these (by a "ton" I mean, I made 13... and counting). They are really easy to knock out (once you get the template printed properly). They're too skinny to hold much as a gift (since they're designed for business cards), but you could slide in little notes that could give clues for gifts or suggestions for holiday things to do. (And they're 100% free.)

Not only have I not done the advent calendar thing, I've also never gotten small gifts in a stocking. Is that weird? Do most people do the stocking stuffer thing? I feel like I missed out on that cuz it seems like stocking stuffers and advent gifts are talked about everywhere. So I gathered some cute smaller presents that would probably do fairly well as stocking stuffers or advent gifts (I don't really know what the price protocol is on this stuff!).

{1 guy friendly} Tobias Funke key fob; cutesy swiss army knife; Zoidberg iPhone cover (and other Zoidberg loving things); classic telephone handset for cell phones (ever try to cradle a cell phone during a long call? it sucks).

{2 for those who craft or appreciate a good one} transform any pair of gloves into touch screen friendly gloves (I'm dying to make these for myself); cross-stitch iPhone case; pretty purse measuring tapes (I would love to get one of these. Having one in my purse would be so handy for measuring thrift store finds); macaron stamps.

{3 too cute for words!} cat or owl ceramic measuring cups; mini cat calendar; action bunny with shiny gold pants; cupcake calendar.

{4 make something delicious} make them yourself (they're not that hard. I like the recipe from Bravetart. She's got a nut-free recipe now, too) or order macarons online anywhere. If you're in Edmonton, do it the easy way and get gift packs at Duchess; lump of coal rice krispie treats; bacon jam; Lofthouse-style cookies (typically, I do not like store-bought cookies, but these are my one weakness. I've never made this recipe, but I will one day when my jeans are looser).

Annnnd, if you need more inspiration, I'll be continually pinning stuff to my Pinterest account throughout the season (or as usual. It's kind of addictive over there). You can check under DIY or Christmas for specific gift ideas or just follow my boards if you're also a pinner. I'm sure more and more ideas will keep turning up!


Laeli said...

I made a pouch advent calender 2 years ago. I stitched coloured fabric to a big sheet of fuzzy stuff I bought out of the clearance bin and decorated it with beads and such.
I still want to finish it(I was in a rush as usual) it needs some decorative stitching and corrective cutting but it is cute and useful
We filled ours with candy!

I LOVE the mitten or sock idea! A person would have 2 advent calenders...couldn't they? ;)

GALaxy said...

Shhh! I have all of my advent gifts wrapped and ready. I'm so excited about the first one! The first one is where the initial excitement will be. After that, it'll probably be old hat.

Two calendars is perfectly acceptable. No. Maybe three. One for tiny gifties, another for treat gifts, and another for family adventure gifts. Yes.