Monday, March 5, 2012

the complete book of the garden

It's been snowy, so I thought I'd warm myself with thoughts of spring by looking through some of my old gardening books.

I'd love to have some sweet peas climbing somewhere. They were one of my gram's favourite flowers. She always had a bouquet of them around.

I love this orange. I wanted all pinks in the garden, but I think I could make room for some orange, too.

I still have an old fish tank I've been meaning to convert into a terrarium.

I also want to find some bleeding hearts for the yard this year, too. They're one of my favourites. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a small hedge of them?

I wonder if we'll get any flowers on the apple tree this summer.

Idle Husband surprised me with a cyclamen last month, and I've actually kept it alive so far. It's even managed to put out some new leaves. That's pretty good for a house plant as I haven't really had much luck keeping them alive lately. I think it takes a while to figure out what plants will grow happily in a new home.


Martina said...

I miss my garden, it's currently sleeping under 3feet of snow. I can't wait to plant some new flowers this year & see how my lilies are doing after their big separation in the fall.

Have you ever had flowers on your apple tree? If there isn't a compatible male/female tree somewhere nearby (around the neighbourhood) or bees (or other pollinators) you won't get flowers, or fruit. :(

I have a single apple tree in our yard and it flowers + fruits every year because of the other apple trees in the neighbourhood but I've been thinking about getting another one so I can do grafting and cross-hybridization.

GALaxy said...

I can't wait to see how everything I planted last summer managed the winter. We just planted the apple tree last year so it didn't have any flowers. I have my fingers crossed!