Monday, March 12, 2012

sofa king

This weekend, we spent some time looking for a new sofa. The sofa we have on the main floor right now has recently been causing a majority of back related problems for both of us and it's just a little too small and a little too uncomfortable.

I didn't realize we would use that room for as much tv viewing as we do, so even though I had planned to take my time looking for a sofa, it's gotten to the point where we desperately need something more comfortable if we plan on making that our primary netflix watching area.

I always look at the shape and design of a sofa and then I sit in them. They must pass the sit test! There are so many sofas that look so nice, but as soon as you sit on them, you quickly realize they were meant for looking at not sitting on. 

These are two that caught our eye this weekend. Now that I see them side-by-side, I definitely prefer the grey sofa. We've already got that beige-y ultra suede fabric on the sectional downstairs and I'd really like to avoid all of those beige, brown, cream sofa choices. Besides, the grey one is larger and more spacious and (just by comparing the two in pictures) it looks as though it'll stand up to repeated sitting without eventually looking sloppy. Doesn't the cream one look sloppy already in comparison?

I'm really drawn to grey right now. I've been contemplating painting a feature wall in the main floor living room a deep grey, so I guess it's no wonder I would be drawn to a grey sofa, too. And look! I've actually pinned some pictures that are pretty much exactly the same tone of grey I'm thinking about! 

Source: via idle on Pinterest

It's good to note that a grey sofa and a grey wall doesn't look at all strange and I can really change things up easily by changing the colour of the accessories since grey works with pretty much everything.

Now I mentioned the sectional in the basement, so I did think that maybe we could move the sectional upstairs and look for a new sofa downstairs. Mom suggested one with built in recliners, so we looked at those options, too. They were all tufted, poufy, man-cave messes PLUS none of them have recliners that are side-by-side. We like to sit together so I feel like if one of us is reclining, the other won't. The only other option, it seems, is a cup holder console in the middle. Please explain the middle cup holder console to me. We're not in a car. That's what side tables are for.

The only one that marginally peaked my interest was this one from La-Z Boy which was the least revolting out of all of them (and it would go in the basement, so that sits a little better with me), but it's not even an option since the reclining is on the two outer seats. Also why the ugly armrest cushions? Why are those standard on sofas these days? People are too lazy for throw pillows now?

Speaking of lazy, there's always this option. The sofa bed! I kid, I kid. That's a little too lazy.

The search continues. I still dream about the two thift sofas I passed up this last year. The purple brocade and vintage poppy pattern will always be in my heart. I might have to take a trip to Find and maybe I'll discover something as equally amazing as those were.

Here are some resources from Design*Sponge if you're looking for sofa inspiration, too: sofa guide, sectionals, and sofas under $1000.

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Laura @ A Closet Full of Clothes... said...

We had the hardest time shopping for sofas too! There are so many great, stylish options in magazines, on blogs, or on sites like Pinterest, however I would love to know where these people find this great furniture - it certainly isn't available in our Canadian furniture chain stores... Having said that, I have had some luck at a locally-owned furniture store. But even still, my search continues as well (I need sofa-for the basement that doesn’t look like a sofa-bed...a bit of a challenge!).