Friday, March 16, 2012

friday fixations: joan

This is something a little different as I don't usually talk about fashion but with St. Patrick's day looming, I have had zip ideas for the day. Actually, no, I had one idea but some other blog "stole" it from me, so I had to move on (I'm sure her's are better than mine would have been. I can make a lot of things but I've always had difficulty with those).

I've also been struggling to put together friday fixations lately because I'm not really fixated on much at the moment other than a few projects around the house and Joan from Mad Men. Is that weird? I think my fixation on her is two-fold. First, I'm really anxious for the return of the show (I curse myself for finishing all of the seasons on Netflix this early); and second, every time I go for a walk, I think about her and her amazing posture. Shoulders back, head up, chest out -- I love how she's so confident and doesn't apologize for anything.

This is just a collection of things that would work in my life that are inspired by Joan. Along with a St. Patrick's day outfit (that's not screaming St. Patrick's day) because you can't really talk about Joan without talking about her amazing fashion sense.

Peach bow blouse, green pencil skirt, and yellow flats: I love that Joan always wears form fitting dresses and skirts. I love that she's not ashamed of her features and chooses to show them off instead of hiding them. This is a similar look that I think I can get away with as someone who doesn't wear dresses often enough and has only been in heels once in their life.

Black studs, golden pen necklace, four-leaf clover pin, and flower ring: If you've seen the show, it's pretty hard not to notice Joan's pen necklace. She wears it all the time at the office. She's also sometimes seen in a fancy brooch (I love that they're pinned closer to the shoulder), so I thought it'd be nice to include the clover pin for St. Patty's. The ladies all wear clip-on earrings (to make it easier to answer the phone), but I chose some simple black studs instead. The ring is kind of a wink at the episode where Joan makes a Hawaiian themed brunch for two.

Sofa, umbrella, take-out containers, and starburst mirror: As you know, I'm trying to find a sofa right now and I think that grey sofa is such a lovely modern one with a hint of a vintage vibe. The umbrella plays off of both Joan's love of take-out and the colour of her apartment (pink pink walls!). She also has a large ornate mirror and I thought the sunburst mirror was a nice modern play off of that.

One of my all-time favourite Mad Men scenes is when Joan plays "C'est Magnifique" on her accordion. It's a really sad and powerful scene, but the song makes it really beautiful, too. It's been in my head all week long. View it here. Would you believe that I actually have an accordion somewhere, too? A pink one. Wherever did that go?

See where to purchase any of this stuff over on Polyvore (probably my new favourite site).


Stephanie said...

I adore Joan from mad men too. I love red hair and love her style.

Clare C. Whitaker said...

These inspirations are so perfect...and I love all of the fabulous fashions that come out of Mad Men as well. Your outfit with the green and salmon is too cute! I hope you have enjoyed your week and wishing you a wonderful St. Patty's Day!
Twirling Clare (check out the face-lift!)

Deborah said...

nice!! I love this collection and those shoes! I want a pair of those. Going straight to polyvore from here.