Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diys i didn't

{leaf prints} I love the look of these sweet little leaf prints from Design Skool! If there were anything green outside right now, I'd definitely be making up a set. I love how rustic they look and I can't really believe how well they turned out!

{gold rock book ends} I'm definitely a fan of bringing the outdoors in (can anyone have too many pieces of driftwood in their house?) and I'm an even bigger fan of any project that's CHEAP but looks all luxe. Design Love Fest doesn't actually call it a DIY (or make mention of it at all), but, if you have eyes, you can figure it out.

{washi tape power cords} Another from Design Love Fest, I kind of thought this one was a little too easy to even bother calling a DIY and it didn't initially hit me as a, 'WHOA! I have to do that!' project, but then I noticed that we have a lot of Apple power cords around our home and I thought this would be a nice way to tell them apart (also because I hate having to scrounge around in a pile of cords to find the one that I need).

So I immediately did this and I just have a few things to say about it. If you're using washi tape that has a pattern, wrap the tape around the cord just enough to cover it once so the tape doesn't wrap over itself. My tape is semi-transparent and I have polka dot and chevron stripe patterned tape, so as soon as I wrapped another layer around, the pattern became kind of pointless since you could see the first layer of dots through the top layer of dots and they don't match up so it looks strange. But since my tape IS semi-transparent, I could wrap a solid colour around once and get a light green stripe or wrap it around a couple times and get a more vibrant green stripe. That being said (and a day of living with it), you kinda need to wrap the tape around a couple of times to get it to stay. Either my tape's inferior (blast you, Anthropology!) or it's the number of times it's wrapped cuz the pieces of tape that were only wrapped once (the polka dots and chevrons) don't stay taped down (the ends are lifting up). So I'm going to take off those pieces and just go with the solid colour instead. Overall, it's still pretty cute (and it pains me to take the polka dots off!).

{rope shelving} Simple! Cute! That's all I think every time I look at this picture! Again, it doesn't have a set of DIY instructions for you to follow, but come on! Pretty easy, right? I'm thinking weird thoughts right now about putting some on either side of our bed and getting rid of the bedside tables.

{globe light} This is made out of bowls! But it's so pretty, right? I'm not sure if I'm exactly ready to make my own lights (i.e. I have no idea where I'd put one right now), but I'm still really drawn to this. Maybe it's the shade of blue... although I really liked it with either of the original bowl colours, too.

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