Friday, April 5, 2013

friday fixations

{year walk} I started this game by looking over Idle Husband's shoulder and then I sort of took over from there and then it turned into MY game but on his device (he kept telling me to install my own version but I didn't. I liked how it was kind of OUR game but really MY game, if that makes any sense). I think I'm kind of terrible at describing most games because I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that this is a spooky puzzle game and the game play is really unique. I definitely haven't seen it before on any app I've ever played (which is what initially intrigued me about it). As a friendly tip: you'll need a piece of paper to write stuff down (which makes me feel very Sherlock Holmes-ish). To be honest, I really hate puzzle games, but, after this game, we discovered I just hate crappy puzzle games.

{play with your food} I thought these Instagram pictures were so adorable, not to mention amazingly well done and so very artistic.

{typeRacer} Have I ever mentioned how much I love typing? I'm kind of obsessed with this.

{stove-top granola} Duh! Granola doesn't have to be such a big huge production! (This is my new favourite foodie blog, aka I've been unsubscribing from foodie blogs lately cuz they make me want to make and eat too many delicious things, but then I went against my rules and added this one anyway). (I also made her 100 calorie cupcakes for my birthday. I had problems with the icing, but the cakes were really good!)

{flock of segels} Hanksy just kills me.

{black and green olives} I used to hate olives unless they were black, sliced, and on a pizza or a sub. So imagine my surprise when I tried some of Lindsay naturals olives (cuz mom has given me half a dozen cans) and immediately loved them. Is it just canned olives or do I officially love all olives now?

{marcel christ} These photos are so gorgeous!

{dansons la capucine} Cats are better in french, non? (Poom!)

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