Friday, April 26, 2013

friday fixations

{hani zahra} I could listen to this song a million times a day.

{a girl and her cat} These photos are so sweet. Makes me a little teary eyed remembering my kitty.

{food forests} I want this to be here. I mean, I want to live there. Also there are saskatoon berries around Edmonton in the parks if you look for them and I've never seen anyone else but me picking them.

{modern calligraphy} I've got a calligraphy book and pens and I've always kind of dabbled, but I've never found a book or information on doing modern calligraphy which is really the calligraphy I want to learn. Maybe I should take this course...

{forensic beauty} You probably saw this last week, but I think it's equally important to put a spotlight on the devastating beauty issues that men have, too.

{space} It's still pretty cool.

{oat bran} Do you like Cream of Wheat? Like that small little grainy texture in your hot cereals? I LOVE IT and haven't had it for years and then when I was researching foods that are nutritionally dense and filling, I stumbled on oat bran and tried some. It's so good, I've been eating it for breakfast for two weeks now.  I've even had it as a savory breakfast. Kind of like morning risotto with chicken. Super delish and keeps me full all day!

{dino corn cob holders} Good thing these are still in concept mode, cuz I don't eat corn on the cob so they'd be a completely useless purchase for me (but something I'd probably whip out and brag about every chance I got). Maybe someone could make a fancy dinosaur teapot instead?

{diy body wash} I know. I'm so cheap. But I see the tutorials on Pinterest so often, I just couldn't ignore them anymore. My soap turned out a little runnier than her version, but it works just fine and is super smelly. Are bar soaps smellier than body washes? Cuz I've been using Dove body wash for the greater part of my life and this is the Dove-smelliest I've ever been. Not that that's a bad thing. Anyway, I really like the cheapness, so I'll definitely be doing it again (plus I really wanna try the peach bars I spotted at the dollar store next time and I'll also be reducing the water by a half cup).


Suzanne said...

I also took that calligraphy course. It's pretty good - I got the kit+course at Christmas last year. She gives you a few videos, some downloads and there's a gallery you can upload work and get critique.

GALaxy said...

You did?! So you're an awesome modern calligrapher now? Was it worth it?