Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last night's msn conversation after standing over a steamy pot for 8 hours on one of the hottest days in September

Idle Wife says (5:15 PM): still making jam!

Idle Husband says (5:41 PM): I was worried about you

IH says (5:42 PM): i'm still writing emails

IW says (5:42 PM): well, whenever you're ready to come home, would you pick something up for dinner?

IH says (5:51 PM): ok but it'll be like 7 or something...
IW says (6:25 PM): oh. like in half an hour?
IW says (6:26 PM): like half an hour from when T JUST LEFT? like that 7?
IW says (6:28 PM): and how hungry are you?
I could just make soup.
there's also that option, if you want
but standing anywhere near or around the stove is very unappealing to me

IH says (6:33 PM): what'd ya fancy for dinner?
i'm fine with soup but sounds like you're not
want queeeznos??

IW says (6:33 PM): I'm fine with soup, too

IW says (6:34 PM): but what I didn't realize about jam/jelly making is that there's a whole lotta stirring involved.
we'd have been done by 2 if it wasn't for all the stirring

IW says (6:35 PM): if you could just boil the junk and then put it in jars, that's one thing, but you have to boil and boil and stir constantly until it's JUST RIGHT, which, by the way, the recipe never says what it's supposed to look like when it is JUST RIGHT so, it was a lot of standing, in hot steam while stirring, lifting our spoons every so often to see if it was JUST RIGHT
in hot steam
did you read the part about the hot steam?
my hair is poufy and my pores are unclogged
I guess the latter is something good

IW says (6:36 PM): I would like queeznos, yes, thank you.

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