Monday, September 7, 2009

"I wish I hadn't have had that orange crush."

I decided to start my old workout routine today, a VCR tape from Tony Little (don't laugh! It got results in the past!) I recorded it on Idle Husband's DVR last year in an attempt to modernize (ok, there was some fight about that because I was just fine using the VCR, but he thought it was outrageous to be using such outdated technology -- I was also recording tv shows onto tapes at that time, too), but slowly, ever so slowly, I started to lose interest. This is saying a lot since Tony Little was the only workout that actually kept my interest. He's got a scraggly pony tail, and he's got horrible '90s workout music, and he's wearing spandex, and he says crazy things that don't make any sense! What's not to love?! It was so motivating despite the fact that I'd been hearing the same things every other day for 6 months. Personally, I blame the DVR. It was slow to start and slow to process and I had to change the tv input and push the buttons at least twice just to queue up the menu and then wait for it to load. SIGH. All I had to do with the VCR was turn it on and push play. Easy. One thing about me and working out is that I can be incredibly lazy. The stupid DVR taking another minute or two to get the workout going was not helping. So on my decision this weekend to start back on Tony, I went to get the DVR working. Well, no surprise, I couldn't figure out how to operate the damn thing. Idle Husband seems to think it's not hooked up properly (we don't use it much anymore) and suggested checking cables. Scoffing at that, I hooked up my old VCR on the tv downstairs and popped in the tape -- old school. Idle Husband -- oh you and your liking of the '80s! me -- Tony Little's back, baby! IH -- with a vengeance? me -- naturally, and with a hearty dose of sexual innuendo

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