Thursday, December 3, 2009


Check out  my Christmas decorations!

Actually, never mind cuz I'm really disappointed in them. Well, not THAT disappointed, but last year's Christmas was our first Christmas in this house, and, well, I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but at the time, I was feeling like I wanted a very understated Christmas-y look. I just wanted a simple tree with simple decorations and since I didn't have any, I made a bunch of stuff.

While unpacking my decorations and setting up the tree this year, I thought, Oh. These decorations are terrible.

I made stupid baked play-doh mushrooms which I spent forever moulding and, surprisingly, I was super happy with them last year (save for a few that took on a more squished appearance). This year, I'm a little embarrassed of them. I mean, What was I thinking?! When did I think misshapen pink and tan mushrooms looked cool and modern? I think being bent over a lump of pink play-doh for 5 hours played a big part in me believing they were awesome and folksy. But they're not. And I realize now I could have shaped them so much better. I'm about this close to redoing them, but then I think that I'll probably hate the new revised version next year and then I'll end up making mushroom decorations every year for the rest of my life until I get it right which will probably be never.

And I suppose I still don't mind the owls...I suppose...

Otherwise, I'm a little ashamed of my underdecorated house. Where last year I wanted quiet and unassuming, this year I want it to look like Christmas threw up in our living room.  What's up with that?!

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