Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cherries on top

Fruitcake's not for sissies.

Yesterday, I discovered I'd be meeting with a couple of friends over dinner on Thursday, so I had to get my butt in gear and get their presents together. I've thought about a bunch of different food-gift options, but as I was making this fruitcake yesterday, I had a revelation. Since there was so much batter, along with two loaves, I made some fruitcake cupcakes as well. They were so cute and small, that I immediately thought, "hey! Why don't I do a Christmas treat sampler for each of them!" Of course, this completely negates my whole I-don't-want-to-bake-a-bunch-of-stuff philosophy, but then again, how great would it be to get that as a gift? A little fruitcake, some cookies, some bars...just some tasty samples. I don't know how much of each yet, but I'm going to stick with two or three portions for now and see how much I can cram into the brown paper bags I've decided to use. I know their family sizes, so I want to include enough so no one feels left out.

Today I plan on making a butter tart square recipe I used to make all the time. I remember it being so delicious and easy to make, and it's a very Christmasy flavour, I think. Then, I'll make some chocolate chip cookies or maybe spicy molasses cookies or maybe shortbread. I haven't made up my mind. And that's it! Hopefully, I can get it all together by tomorrow evening!

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