Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I don't know how I upset the toilet gods, but I'm very sorry and I won't do it again

So remember when I expertly fixed my toilet? Well, this weekend, as I went to flush, nothing happened. I pushed the lever several times and nothing. Off with the lid, and I discovered the lever had broken. Great. Just when I fixed the other problem a new one's come up. Even though I didn't want to fix every. component. in that tank, it's starting to look like that's what I'm going to end up having to do. Awesome sauce.

This is how it's supposed to look. It's broken right where my thumb is -- disregard the colour of my thumb as I just removed some nail polish, and I couldn't get it all off, also note how cool it is that I can bend my thumb like that! Doncha wish yours could do that? I bet you do now that you've seen it's possible.

Happily, we spent the weekend with the top off. It wasn't hard to flush, we just had to lift up the little plastic lever thing. But yesterday I thought, "Hey! Why don't I duct tape the broken plastic together so we can at least use it properly until I can buy a new one!" cuz frankly, I was getting a little tired of the industrial look aka: being able to see into the tank.

And then I did it. And it still didn't work.

And then I thought, "I should just leave the tape on..."

And then I thought, "But...I'm going to have to remove it anyway because I'm not going to be able fix it with the tape on since I can't see any of it now..."

So I proceeded to take the tape off which was the dumbest stupidest waste of 10 minutes ever (it was super hard to get that stuff off), because in that process, I ended up breaking the lever completely off.

Now, it's slightly harder to flush than before and it's like a balancing act trying to keep the little plastic stick from falling back into the water.

This is how it looks now. We have to pull it up like some fancy toilet pull-chain device.

Another job well done. If the temperature ever gets above -32 (apparently, it was a record breaking -46 here on Saturday with a windchill of -- wait for it -- MINUS 58), I'll actually consider going out and buying the necessary fix for this. Until then, we're making do on what little groceries we have and our super swanky pull-chain toilet until I can venture out without having my exposed skin freeze within 5 minutes.

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