Friday, December 4, 2009

Rainbow bread!

Loaf One: better picture, junkier rainbow

Loaf Two: Better rainbow, junkier picture.

So last week, I attempted making rainbow bread. It was one of my Christmas gift ideas since I've been pondering doing a bread theme. I'd never attempted dying dough so these were my tester loaves. Anyway, I honestly thought it was my idea alone. I really did. Then, as the dough was rising, I googled it, and apparently this stuff's everywhere. Not that I wanted to have a unique idea for something, but you know, I kinda did.

Here's what I learned:
1. It's really hard to divide dough that's meant to make two loaves into seperate colours while still leaving some white to encase the whole mess.
2. I should probably figure out how to do this just before it goes in the oven, as the second proofing flattened my rainbow effect.
3. Add in all the flour needed, don't skimp. The white portion didn't have enough so this bread was really soft and squishy and hard to cut. Not that that's a bad thing, but it is.
4. It's kind of embarrassing for Idle Husband to be eating sandwiches made of rainbows at work. He got a lot of questions the first day.
Inquistive programmers: Is that bread blue?!Oh wait! It's green, too! What? What's going on there?! [they start coming over to inspect it closer]
IH: It's just bread, ok?
5. Don't make this again. Make more sophisticated, manly breads in the future.

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