Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bake day Part II

Today T and I boiled up enough potatoes and eggs to make a huge potato salad, and we chopped up a ton of beef, red/green peppers, and onion to make skewers. Since this is for a camping/canoe trip, we decided to keep things separate so they'd stay fresh but still be easily combined. About an hour later I opened the fridge to find that T had left the dressing for the potato salad. Since this camp out starts tomorrow, I figured I'd better phone to get them to come and pick it up. It's still really awkward when it's just me and T's husband. Like, he comes to the door and I've already got her stuff in a bag and he just stands there after I've handed it over. So I stammer on about how the dressing is "packed pretty tightly" so he'd better "make sure it sits up cuz I don't know if it's gonna leak." And he keeps standing and staring, so I feel like I have to keep filling the empty void with words. Words that keep getting dumber and dumber until he finally decides to start turning away, and I can shut the door and end the convo-of-death. I don't think I've figured out the art of hello and goodbye yet. Or maybe I'm just super awkward with people. I am pretty socially inept most of the time after all.

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