Friday, September 25, 2009

Idle Vacation

What can I say about the Edmonton Zoo? Well, aside from being a super walk, it's not so great.
Oh, look. They have a pen of guinea pigs. Erhm, hm.
Gophers! Looking as bored at me as I am at them.
Porcupines! Ok, I really did love him, but that's because I'm already pretty partial to porcupines, and he was eating a sweet potato! Cutely! He was eating it, you guys!
Swans? I don't know. They look like swans, right? But they're black so that's where I start doubting myself. They were in the, oh lookit this! He's gonna come over! Let's stay and watch! category. But then he shot us this glaring, bugger-off look and promptly swam away.
Kangaroos in the darkest, most poorly lit area ever conceived by man -- well, one of them anyway. Taking pictures in this zoo was like pulling teeth.
I love how the fence ruined my chance at making a half-assed lol-owl picture. In fact, forget about the horrible lighting. The fences, chain link, and dirty glass ruined all of my other potential photo opportunities.
This is what all the interesting, exotic animals (you know, the animals you go to a zoo to see) were doing. Luckily, the tigers decided to sleep outside.
Everyone else had a little hidey-hole to take cover in so I couldn't get a picture. I think I see fur or tail or something, but I'm not quite sure.
This was taken just moments before she pooped. Idle Husband will never be the same.

Judgement? Go if you have kids. Kids don't notice this junk.

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