Thursday, November 12, 2009

Accidental Collection

I realized the other day that I have collected quite a lot of birds and bird-themed items. I don't really know how it happened, I swear I didn't set about doing it on purpose, but all of a sudden, I started to notice them everywhere in our house.

1. Flying duck plaque I spray painted white; 2. Stork wall hanging with inspirational message; 3. Knee-height ceramic owl (part of a pair I found, but I only bought one -- I used discretion); 4. Brass seagull key hanger I spray painted silver and use to hang my necklaces;

1. One of five beaded bird coasters I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters that I've used as art in the bathroom; 2. Vintage bluebird key holder I use for my measuring spoons; 3. Toucan Sam bowl, part of a four piece cereal bowl set; 4. Vintage woodpecker toothpick holder/grabber;

1. Embroidered saying adorned with birds; 2.Brass rooster coat hook; 3. Embroidered bird hanging (there's four birds in total on it); 4. Wooden owl statue;

1. One of two stained glass hummingbirds; 2. Another embroidered bird hanging; 3. An actual collection of vintage bird statues; 4. Round blue mirror with painted bird I have at my front door;

1. Hummingbird plant stick; 2. Red bird vintage key holder, this one I actually use for keys; 3. Set of six bird glasses I use for pens; 4. Plush kissing birds I bought for Valentine's Day;

1. Crocheted owl pot holder I use as art; 2. One of many vintage bird vases; 3. One of many vintage bird-themed metal tins (don't get me started on my tin obsession); 4. Bird sewn from some of my grandmother's fabric (I got on a kick making these last Christmas).

1. Goose, rooster, and emu ceramic bird hooks; 2. Baby bird painting by T; 3. Vintage bird drinking glass; 4. Owl slippers T made me for Christmas one year.

It's crazy how collections can sneak up on you!

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Sara said...

love those ceramic bird hooks! Well done with only getting one of the owls - I wouldn't have been able to split them up!