Monday, November 30, 2009

Blast you, rotten thing!

Am I the only one who has a hard time peeling onions? I'm always hearing everyone complaining about garlic. Garlic is such a pain to peel, they say, Try whacking it with your knife! says another, or Here's this handy device I like to use! says kitchen gadget companies. And there's about a hundred different devices and tricks out there just for that tiny little [non]problematic clove. You can even buy them pre-peeled. PRE-PEELED! I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy devised by the cookbook/how-to/chef/food-tv star community. It's a nice go-to topic when they want to feel knowledgeable, intelligent, and maybe when they have nothing better to talk about. But I've never had a problem with garlic. I've never taken a clove of garlic and said to myself, oh great. Here we go. Another 5 minute job just peeling this darn thing. I don't even want to use it anymore because I have to get this stupid peel off.

No. Never.

Onions, however, are the most problematic of all and no one ever talks about it. Just now, I had tears streaming down my face, my nose was running, and the damn onion peel would not come off. I kept slicing it on all sides trying to make a breakthrough, but no. My eyes were blurry before I even got to chopping it. Eventually, I ended up taking off the first two layers of onion. Is there some trick the rest of the world knows about that I don't? I'm starting to wonder...

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