Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little bits of my yesterday and today


I found at Value Village:

One miniature Christmas tree. Soon to be decorated;

Some slightly used slip on shoes -- which I've been looking for forever (I'm so picky with shoes even though it doesn't look like I am most of the time); and
Two loaf pans for a possible Christmas gift idea.

I bought some shelled nuts for snacking and for crafting (I'll take pictures if I'm successful -- fingers crossed)

I also attempted making Christopsomo (Greek Christmas bread) from the new Martha Stewart Living magazine. I halved the recipe and everything was going fine except I ended up undercooking it. Sadness. It tastes pretty good, though. I would have pictures of it (because it was super pretty), but the rising times were longer than I expected (I should have read all the way through the instructions), so I lost the sun. Then I had to kind of rip it apart, anyway, so I could cook the uncooked bits. Sigh.


I worked on some things I have to put in the mail (that I've been stewing about for ages already)

This one's from 1959!

And I started going through some old Canadian Homes and Gardens magazines looking to tear out a page as a make-shift envelope. Then I found I couldn't put them down. I'm very fascinated with the advertisements and just the general (mis)information!
This one has a section on the perfect fresh look. A handy checklist every woman should follow! For example:
1. Have you had your daily bath or shower?
10. Is your makeup neither overdone, loud, nor carelessly applied?
15. Are your legs and underarms fuzz-free?
17. Can your handbag stand up to inspection? Is it neat, clean, and uncluttered, with makeup neatly contained in its own case?
28. Are your figure and carriage as perfect as dieting, exercise and practice can make them?

If you've been honest with yourself and you have a perfect score every time, then you're a perfectly groomed woman.
There're 31 points on what we should be checking every day! How exciting!

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