Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Together again!

I found it! I found my lost earring this morning on my walk! Can you believe it! I just looked up to see T crossing the street, and when I looked down again, there it was! And if you happened to drive by at that precise moment, you would have seen me jumping for joy. Yup! I did a little leap/jig with excitement, so in case you saw that, this is why I was doing it. I'm not really some crazy person jigging it up on the sidewalk every day (though, I do tend to sing along to my mp3 player while walking, so maybe I am that crazy person on the sidewalk). Anyway, I couldn't wait for T to get any closer before I yelled out the great news to her which caused the poor man I'd been following for the last 10 minutes to look back nervously. Sorry! It was too exciting to keep to myself any longer!

You know, I'm not that big a believer in prayer or anything like that, but when I talked to mom last week she said to say a prayer to St. Anthony (it's a catholic thing. Say a prayer to Saint Anthony when you've lost something, and you'll find it again), and as usual, I never said a prayer. As usual, I was like, oh yeah, ok whatever. St. Anthony, yeah yeah. But I'm starting to think this whole St. Anthony thing holds water because I'm pretty sure any time his name is even mentioned I've found what I was looking for shortly after. I mean, how likely was it that I was ever going to find this earring anyway? Pretty slim. I practically gave up on it right then and there when I came home last Tuesday and discovered it missing. It could have come off anywhere. Then I find it, a whole week later, on the one path I always take and it's right there, on the sidewalk, not a scratch on it? Not even kicked in the grass or anything? Just laying there, like, oh hey! there you are! I've been waiting for you! Why didn't I see it on Thursday? I scoured that very sidewalk on Thursday! Today I was just sadly glancing at the ground. Half trying to stop because I thought it was futile. Strange, strange, strange.

Well, whatever magical forces aligned to help me find it, thank goodness for it! Happiest Tuesday walk ever!

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