Tuesday, June 22, 2010

guess who got caught in the rain this morning?

Before leaving the house, I thought, noooo I don't need an umbrella. Besides, every time I think to lug it with me, I don't have to use it.

So I've spent the better half of today looking (and feeling) like a drowned rat. Then, two things happened to add insult to injury. First, the rain cleared right up as soon as I was thisclose to getting home. And second, as soon as I thought it looked overcast enough that it'd be a good day to spend inside with the oven on baking bread, the blistering sun came out. I had to close the front curtains because I was roasting, and I've only just turned the oven on. You win this round, weather. (There's a full moon coming up, isn't there? There has to be some logical explanation.)

Here's the culprit who (most likely) was knocking over my lettuce planter. I've decided he's too cute to keel, and I may even consider providing him with some shelled peanuts from a more squirrel friendly feeder. (maybe, if he's a good squirrel, he'll start pulling insulation out of that motorhome. Extra nuts for him in that case!)

Oh, I forgot to mention, Idle Husband made the most amazing tuna salad for me for dinner on Sunday. I just have to give him props for that cuz honestly. As far as tuna salads go (and I ate a ton of them in university), this was by far the best I've ever had. He's renewed my interest in the usually plain, dry, and tasteless salad avec tuna (like, how many ways can you say this? It's getting repetitive), so I've decided to promote him to official tuna salad chef! (don't think I won't make him a badge or something, cuz I will)

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