Sunday, June 13, 2010

the last of the Domino inspiration

dark wall + quirky art = <3
I love how fresh and bright this bathroom is with all the white. The tiles are especially inspiring.
Now, instead of sculpted hedges, I'd have a bed of peonies there and only poppies in that middle one and have I mentioned how much I love delphiniums? They'd look great up against the fence. Look at all that delightful (non-grass) pea gravel!
who knew purple printed chairs and a yellow printed couch would look so good together? It's hard to see, but the wallpaper is really great, too.

the wall colour doesn't translate well here, but it's a kind of minty, frosty green with chocolate accessories. Love it! 
I want to do white molding over dark walls, too!
the turquoise colour is so great, but look at that little picture on the lower right. They've used the flooring as a backsplash, too, they've only cut it into brick shapes instead of leaving them square. It's also important to note that that's my absolute favourite kind of flooring.

Back before Domino, Lucky magazine had a wicked home feature (I'd start buying that magazine again if they put that section back), and I used to rip all those articles out (along with design articles from other magazines) and keep them clipped together in a haphazard pile. One day, I realized I had too many pages ripped out to fit in one clip, and that's when I started organizing them into a binder. So now I'll go through my big binder of magazine pages and see if I can find anything interesting there! 

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