Tuesday, June 29, 2010

if you like stupid random posts, this one's for you -- also, it's got cats in it!

Leash Cat looks extraordinarily happy today.

Unfortunately, poor Idle Husband had to have a root canal on Saturday and ever since, he's been feeling very sore and very feverish. Which really sucks since it feels like it's about 100 degrees outside and inside right now. Anyway, I've been busy being nurse while trying to get my usual stuff done around the house without making any disruptive noises. 

So, over the weekend, I think we used every single cup in this house. Normally, I have a one cup per day rule, but with IH being sick, I lost track pretty easily. This one's for ice water, this one's for juice, this one's for a smoothie -- gah! We're getting down to the tiny decorative juice glasses that serve no function other than just being too gosh darned cute to get rid of. I should probably use the dishwasher, huh? But it never gets things clean and there's always some sort of grit left in everything when I pull them out. It's like the previous owners washed their shoes in there (which honestly wouldn't surprise me). Just the very idea of putting dishes in there that are going to hold my food or go in my mouth makes my skin crawl. Is there some way to clean a dishwasher? Sigh. I'm so biased against those things, I don't know if I even want to bother. I don't get why I never latched on to the dishwasher culture, though. Sometimes I wish I would have. The idea of them seems good. They probably make life easier. Like the washing machine does. I just think it's because I never had one growing up, and I was always in charge of doing the dishes (sorry mom! but if we agreed that I'd dry and she'd wash, she'd get doing something else and the dishes would never get washed and I'd end up doing them anyway). It was only natural that doing the dishes by hand would end up becoming almost like meditation to me. I love love doing dishes (kind of like how I'd love to work on an assembly line in some factory somewhere. Ahhh assembly line work. It's the best!). Right. So I've got a nice system set up, it's a nice quiet time to be by myself reflecting on stuff (like how some of the best ideas come when you're in the shower), and I love the satisfaction of seeing a dirty dish go in and come out clean (cuz I'm weird like that). Anyway, I'm not discounting the fact that my gram had a dishwasher that never got anything clean, either. I quickly got in the habit of rubbing any fork or knife or bowl with my hand to make sure there wasn't anything baked on it before I used it. *shudder*

I just realized this is one of those weird, random, no purpose posts that is so uninteresting, I went off on a tangent about dishwashers. Awesome. Also, sorry.

Because I want to end on another completely random note, I saw this posted along my walk today. So sad! You can't read it very well, but it says that Shnoop was upset with their other kitten and wanted to go outside (cat pouting at it's finest), and they're so very worried about him. He is declawed and chubby. That's my favourite part. He's chubby. I hope they find him, though it wouldn't surprise me that he's hiding under a bush in their backyard, teaching them a lesson about how he deserves just as much (if not more) attention than the kitten.

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Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Aww Shnoop! Poor kitty. And your dishwasher sounds sick. I'm kind of the same way with dishes. I hate unloading the dishwasher but I love loading it. I feel a weird sense of satisfaction knowing I'm sending dishes off to be cleaned. If I had to wash them all by hand I'd surely lose my mind. See, I grew in a dishwasher house. We dishwasher people are a hard lot to break of that habit. ;)