Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mexican chocolate tofu pudding seemed like a good idea.

And then I realized I didn't buy enough tofu.

I had exactly half the amount.

Ok. That's cool. I'll just halve the whole recipe. No problem.

Things were going pretty good, I have to say, and then I added the entire amount of sugar syrup.

You see, I'd already started making the full amount before I realized I had to halve everything. So even though I said to myself, only use half of this, I still dumped the entire thing in.

Result: soupy pudding.

To be honest, it did start to firm up on the top once it chilled a bit in the fridge, and I think had I gotten the proportions correct, it would have been almost like chocolate mousse. It was definitely taking on that bubbly airy texture.

But underneath all that bubbly airy mousse was chocolate soup. Not good.

So I whirled it around in the blender again and ran it through the ice cream maker.

It's a pretty good chocolate ice cream, I have to say. It's got a weird powdery after-taste which might be the result of freezing tofu. 

But it's not its fault. It was never designed to become ice cream.


erika edith said...

Thanks for posting your mistakes - everyone always seems to post their awesome picture perfect creations and never admits to their other attempts....

GALaxy said...

If I didn't post my mistakes, I'd probably have nothing to post! haha