Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm not your personal taxi, dragonfly

So I'm walking along, and I spot this:

He was such a pretty shade of blue, I took another picture

He kept rubbing his face (?) so I knew he was alive, but I wondered if something had happened to him since he was pretty chill with me swooping a camera around him

So I inched a little closer for this picture and then...

He took off and landed right on my arm!
I'm not going to lie. It freaked me right out.
But somehow, I managed to stay calm and took another picture.
I thought I'd better get one before he took off again.

But he didn't take off again.
He stayed on my arm while I walked to the intersection.

Stayed on my arm while I waited for the light to change.
Then stayed on while I crossed the street.
(I'm sure people waiting at the light were wondering why I had a huge dragonfly attached to my arm)

He left after I got to the other side.
That was strange.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My god!
Is a Dragonfly of this size common in Ab?
I'm wondering--does anyone know?
This is remarkable-and interesting-and this specimen is quite extraordinary!