Friday, January 6, 2012

friday fixations

{demetri martin} We saw his show last night and it was awesome! And then it got awesomer with an encore. Demetri Martin rocks forever.

{netflix} For the past three days, I've been watching random netflix tv shows (did I mention Idle Husband's still on vacay? No? Well, it should be noted, then, that I'm still on vacay). Here are the ones (in no particular order) that have succeeded in capturing my attention past one show: The IT Crowd, The Big C, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Life Unexpected, and Community (please tell me it gets better. We're at the point where we ditched it the first time we tried watching it). We also watched and really enjoyed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (not really a tv show, more like a shortish movie). We tried watching that one before but didn't like the singing, though I think we just hated it cuz we had to sit in front of YouTube to see it. I don't know about you, but any time shows are on the computer, I lose all interest. For some reason, in my mind, shows on the computer should be less than a minute long. Also why isn't Portlandia on netflix Canada! Argh! And we found volume 6 of Futurama and bought season 1 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Apple tv so we're getting our (no repeats!) fix of those great shows, too.

{sewing} I'm really thinking hard about taking a sewing class this year. If only to learn how to make a proper pair of curtains and an infinite amount of skirts. And maybe how to add zippers. And maybe how to make bags or pillows. Or a shower curtain (we still don't have proper shower curtains. Just those $1.99 liners).

{today's levitation} This makes me so sad! but it's such a great picture, I just keep staring at it.

{creature comfort's free printable calendar page} Last year, I put together little paper craft calendars for the office each month. This year, the paper crafts are still coming but I really hated January's design so instead of making it, I decided to convert this calendar into a miniature. I reduced the size by half, printed it and cut it out so I could fold it into a little stand . I think it looks super cute and it's much prettier and easier than the paper craft one(s) (if they design a good one for February, I might flip-flop between these two. We'll see how motivated I'm feeling). (And yes, that is a lava lamp on our desk.)

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