Monday, January 16, 2012

getting back

I'm finding it incredibly hard to get back into blogging. I don't know why I'm feeling this way, but I'm finding it really hard to feel any excitement or desire to write a post. It's not that I'm not working on projects and stuff that would be great for the blog (or that I'm not taking pictures with the intention of using them for posts). It's just that every time I sit down to actually blog it out, I find myself writing and deleting and rewriting and deleting again and then I load pictures only to delete them and then I try putting them into a different format and then I delete them yet again. So, needless to say, this last week has been incredibly frustrating for me. Maybe what I need to do is just post something -- anything -- and it'll help me move back into things.

Let's try that, then, by posting a few of the pictures I took with my good camera before and during Christmas (which was a terribly sad amount -- or a large amount of the same picture at different angles so... pretty blah anyway).

These are the bird ornaments (well, two of them) that I made for the ornament swap I involved myself in this year. They're made from air drying clay with a little swirly dip-dye technique. I might make more birds or other clay items, because I really loved working with that medium and the outcome was pretty great. If I do, I'll maybe do a tutorial for you.

As a finale to Idle Husband's advent calendar, I walked over to Tim Horton's for some of their Christmas themed goodies. They ran out of the gingerbread doughnuts (sad), so I got the gingersnap cookie along with the chocolate candy cane doughnut and candy cane white hot chocolates. Everything was very good, though I thought the cookie was a little under-cooked towards the middle. I think I was a little tougher on them just because I was bummed about buying this cookie when I can easily make gingersnaps myself (and I'll never in a million years make my own doughnuts).

I was really sad not to see any Christmas flowers on my cactus this year, so I moved her to an even cooler room and almost two weeks later, she started putting out buds and then, boom! Flowers. She obviously likes her new spot (the craft room) a lot better. Despite what you'd initially think, a cooler room makes cacti (and succulents) so much happier!

Have any of you fellow bloggers ever felt this way? How did you break out of your blogging funk?


Stephanie said...

I find that if I get busy on the weekends (when I usually bake for my blog post) its hard to find time during the week to make it up. Making a list of future blog posts usually helps though

GALaxy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Stephanie! I usually keep running thoughts in my brain for posts, but writing them down might actually help me move on to step two!