Friday, January 27, 2012

friday fixations

{sh*t liz lemon says}

{my tripod} I've been taking pictures without it lately and it shows. I took my camera off it so I could take pictures outside of the house and then it was -40 and I still haven't really gone anywhere photo worthy. Now I'm too lazy to 1) get it when I need it; and 2) screw my camera back onto it. I just deleted about 20 slightly blurry pictures off my computer from last week, so I had better get that tripod back in action or you're never going to see another picture again.

{big knickers} There's just something about this high-waisted underwear that I find really appealing. I want all of them (especially the florals).

{the tiny chopped salad} I read about chopping salads to absolute bits and decided it might be a nice change instead of my usual ribbon-sized slices. My last salad consisted of cabbage, spinach, carrots, purple onion, and mushrooms chopped into little bits (I put the carrots through my mandolin on the julienne setting and then cut them into bits cross-wise) and served it plain so we could add our own dressings. I thought it was the best salad yet. I could actually take a forkful of salad and lock it on with some meat for an even more complete bite (which is how I like to eat salads anyway) and chopping everything just made for a better mouth-feel and taste (if that makes any sense). I'm definitely a chopped salads fan now. (I had pictures of this one.)

{colourful books} Mom got me this one for Christmas (because of my insatiable love for pink) and now I want more from the series (for a whole matching shelf, natch). (And yes, despite having an iPod, I'm still 100% for real books. You know why? When you buy an e-book, you can't loan it out and you can't sell it or give it away [to those in need or otherwise] when you're finished with it. So e-books are sold at practically the same price as a real book with none of the benefits that go along with having a real book. Therefore, I see no benefit to supporting that industry from a customer view-point. [I get it from a seller view-point. Oh yes. That one's obvious].)

{jill bliss} Have I ever mentioned how much I love the art of Jill Bliss? Well I love it. So. Much. I want it in wallpaper. Or these frilly leaf garlands which I have no actual use for or place to put them, but I just want them all the same.

{this crazy cartoon} Boy, if only I ate cookies by the sleeve... I mean, if only I ate store-bought cookies. I definitely have the ability to eat cookies by the sleeve.

{heart pillow embroidery} I should really learn how to do this. It's awesome.

{pink} aka poink if my dumb typing fingers have anything to say about it. I've mentioned this before. Sorry. I just can't stop thinking about it. And I can't stop thinking about it because it feels wrong to think about. Especially for my living room. Especially for a grown-up living room having nothing to do with baby girls or teen princesses. I keep thinking that possibly pink could be grown-up, it's all about the shade of pink and possibly the amount. But I have no idea and, frankly, I'm rather scared to try. I've found some inspirational colour mixes in a variety of places all of which look mighty fine for grown-up versions of pink. There's raspberry, cotton candy, and putty beige (which looks more like a peachy-pink to me). Possibly pink looks more adultish when paired with mustard, sea foam green, or orange. And almost as if confirming my choice, these shades of pink look really good with colours that are pretty darn close to our existing paint and trim. What do you think?


Laeli said...

I just saw a photo of a pink den and it was gorgeous. I thought to hey? I say go for it. That pink is spicy.

Deborah said...

thanks for input on my spam. It's so embarrassing. I wonder if my other tiny list of followers is getting it too. ugh. No one else brave enough to say I guess. Thanks for telling me. I changed my password, both on that dumb aol account and on my blog account. I can't seem to figure out how to disconnect my blog from that aol account though. anyway, thanks again