Monday, January 23, 2012

the dragon age

Yay! I'm excited about this year! Probably because it's the year of the dragon and I've always had a real love for dragons. My family used to celebrate each Chinese new year with some homemade (or take-out) Chinese food, but we haven't done it for years. So this year I'm doing a little pulled pork dinner (maybe with some noodles -- the longer the better -- for long life). Do you ever do anything special for Chinese new year?

I found some interesting links for new year traditions (I always love reading my horoscope):

And some super cute stuff related to dragons!

Gong Hai Fat Choy!


Stephanie said...

I love the parade in Vancouver for Chinese new year but this year was my first spending it with a Chinese family. So many delicious home made dumplings! Going to check out those horoscope links you posted :)

GALaxy said...

That would be the ultimate experience for sure! I'm going to have to weasel my way into a proper Chinese family celebration one of these years!