Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY: heart toppers

Here's a turn everything into a Valentine last minute Valentine's day project!

I especially love this because Valentine's day is not like Christmas where I want to decorate my whole house and ooze hearts and pink for a whole month. So these little slip-on hearts can slip on and be all romantic for a day, then slip off into the recycle bin. Know what I mean?

They can also go on anything.

This is just a little cup of pudding I made the other night. Boom! Heart on a spoon -- it's Valentine's day pudding now!

I want to do one of those ending-credit type infomercials where a list of things you can put these hearts on scrolls by too quickly to read, but I'm not nerdy enough to figure out how to do that. (I wish I was that nerdy, honestly.)

Here's how to make 'em!

Fold a piece of coloured paper in half. Actually, you don't have to use a whole piece of paper. Save some trees and use scraps. Cut out some hearts. You know, by drawing half a heart on the crease and cutting it out. Symmetrical hearts brought to you by folding!

While the heart's folded, cut a couple slits into the middle. It helps if you've got a spoon or pencil around so you can check to see if it'll fit where you've cut.

Then starting from the back of the heart, weave the heart onto the spoon, pencil, fork, straw, whatever you're putting it on and you're done!

While the hearts do transform everything into a Valentine's day treat, it does help to use the right kind of cups, too. 


Laeli said...

Those are really cute.
So far I have stick on letters and a heart chain,both from the dollar store.

Laura Wears... said...

That is such a cute idea! Thanks for the inspiration - I am definitely putting a few of these on utensils in the drawer. That way, my husband will have a sweet I-am-thinking-of-you surprise when he goes to make his coffee on Valentine's Day (I leave for work much much earlier than he does) :)


Hnanah Crompton said...

Oh these are just so adorable! I am going to execute this idea!

GALaxy said...

Lael: What are you planning on doing with them?!

Laura Wears: I didn't think of hiding a few in the silverware drawer. Thanks for the great idea!

Hnanah Crompton: Thanks! They're too easy not to make!

Sammy said...

love these cups !!!