Friday, February 17, 2012

friday fixations

{domino mag} I started reading this one at its very start, so I was pretty crushed when it folded (I still have all of the issues and I'll never part with them). Imagine my excitement when I heard that Domino is issuing a special quick fixes edition in April! I'm putting that one on my calendar (and it sure as hell better be available in Canada at that time).

{strawberry syrup} I was trying to think up cute little Valentine's day ideas last week, so I thought it might be fun to squirt a bit of strawberry syrup in the shape of a heart into a bowl of oatmeal. Kinda like a healthy breakfast but cute with a pink tinge and then I could photograph the hell out of it and make a foodie post. Anyway, the heart wouldn't stay and oatmeal on its own is pretty much the worst thing in the world to shoot, but the resulting flavour was delicious! Happy mishap! I don't know if you remember the myriads of strawberry flavoured cereals that used to be on the market (I miss Strawberry Shortcake cereal with these exact sentiments), but there was also strawberries and cream instant oatmeal available (it had weird little freeze dried bits of strawberry in it), and this tasted almost exactly like it. Maybe even more strawberry-ish. It was a really nice change from usual oatmeal flavours, you should try it!

{what size am I?} I think this chart from Darkgreener is fantastic! I just wish it had more stores on it.

{heart shaped food} Instead of making a fancy meal for Valentine's day, I cut everything into hearts. It was a pretty standard every-day meal, but with heart-shaped everything which made it pretty special. We had heart cucumbers (from Save-On foods) in the greek salad; a heart-shaped watermelon, feta, mint, and balsamic vinegar salad (so good!); and almost heart shaped pitas (that was difficult!). I love eating heart shaped foods!

{stenciled roses} We had our last home visit from the builders this month and in it, they had the drywaller go round the house and fix all the popped screws (well, the one's I'd already spotted). I think I'm going to do a tutorial one of these days on how to fix popped screws because now that I know how, I'm so friggin' angry I let the drywaller do all of the ones I'd spotted. I should have learned from one and kicked him out after that. What a mess. I'm no professional, but I can definitely do better. Anyway, I was going around painting all the little dots and cleaning up all the dust so I thought I might as well paint the master bathroom since I was going to paint it anyway. I had cut out this rose stencil a while ago for something else but decided not to use it, so I thought I'd use it in the bathroom instead. What I'm wondering now is if I should do some leaves in between the roses or maybe a smaller flower. I have a lot of leftover paint at my disposal (two different greens among them). But once I start stenciling, it's really hard to stop which is why I'm asking, cuz I can go overboard way too easily when it comes to this stuff.

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