Tuesday, February 14, 2012

quickie DIY: snow hearts

You need: spray bottle | red food colouring | water | cardboard heart template (not paper! It's getting wet)

You do: set the template on the snow | spray the red water over the heart (aim close)

You get: little snow trails dotted with hearts

You'll note: the hearts pink up as the water is absorbed into the snow, so if you want them darker, use more food colouring

Inspired by: these grass heart attacks from Oh Happy Day (except we're not blessed with grass in February)

(p.s. I promise it looks so much cuter in person. this is not a good day for photography)


Laura Wears... said...

Oh my gosh - I love this idea. I can image that kids would go crazy for this (certainly my 6-year-old self would have loved this...back in the day).

GALaxy said...

And we can still see it! (though the hearts are a little more faded now)

Anonymous said...

I also saw the heart attack on grass from oh happy day and wanted to do the color in the snow, then I found your pictures and thought... YES! someone else is thinking like me :) they turned out great! I'm hoping to do it next week for valentines day!